Our services

SBJ provides a full range of construction services to our clients. There is construction works or construction management works. The construction work includes structural works, architectural works and the general system works (electrical, sanitary and air conditioning work). We also have a lot of experiences in renovation and/or maintenance of many luxury villas in Phuket. We strive to always deliver top quality work to our clients and to follow that with good after-construction service. The management work starting from studying project, design, tendering, manage selected contractors, control and supervise contractor since beginning till hand over the project to the client.

SBJ is committed to completing every project on time and at reasonable prices.

SBJ construction services:

  • High-end villas: SBJ has extensive experience in building high-end villas in Phuket. So, we understand fully, the intricacies and processes of construction from design through to completion. We have highly qualified professional people who are able to apply the highest standards of their profession to your project. We are aware of the need for good communication and timely responses when you need to adjust or change some, or even many specifications and selections, whilst ensuring quality standards are met. Luxury villas are a significant investment requiring professional execution, with attention to functionality, quality and every small detail in order to turn your visions and dreams into a reality.
  • Building or villa renovations: Many original clients and subsequent owners often want to build extensions, modify some rooms, or enhance something in their villas after living there for a while. No matter if it is a comprehensive renovation, a large extension or a small modification, we have the experience and capability to fulfil these requirements. We know how to undertake these types of work with minimum disruption, in occupied villas. We have expertise in constructing additions that are almost indistinguishable from the original structure.
  • Maintenance: Whether it's general upkeep or a difficult to trace water leak, SBJ has the team and experience to help you. It is common that some re-painting is needed after two years. Rust on steel surfaces is a problem that we are often called to solve, and there is a multitude of issues including finishes that need regular maintenance in order to prevent deterioration or damage that becomes hard to repair.

SBJ construction management services:

  • New project: With many years experiences for management site work especially high-end villa projects that required top quality for every single detail and all clients always have so many requests for changing during construction. We can do from studying project, design, tendering, manage selected contractors, control and supervise contractor since beginning till hand over project to client.

  • Finished project: We can help clients to inspect, making report, find solution for client in case there are existing problems that needs to be fixed. We can support clients in case they want to renovate or modification. Of course, we can do since design process till finish project whatever size of project. We understood that many times the clients have their own contractors but they are not in situation to have time and experience for various technical works, then they need consultant. We can fill in the gab between clients and contractors. 

  • December 2018: SBJ awarded contracts for renovation private villa at Ao Yon area, Phuket. The scope of the work is to add a new bedroom and outdoor dining, rest area and stair leading to the beach.
  • April 2018: SBJ has been a business partner with Evoheat (www.evoheat.com.au) who is a specialist in heating and cooling solutions of pool, spa, water, and space heat pump. We are developing the market of private villas and hotels.
  • April 2018: SBJ awarded contracts for renovation and maintenance private villa at Chalong, Phuket. The scope of works is making the new bedroom, bathroom and entrance area.
  • January 2018: SBJ awarded contracts for renovation Mr. Harri Bedi at Laguna Home, Chengthalae, Phuket. The client is creating some part of the villa to be modern style.
  • December 2017: SBJ awarded contracts for construct road pavement work and hardscape work from international wake park (IWP), Maikao, Phuket. You can find more information here Read more.
  • October 2017: SBJ awarded contracts for renovation and maintenance work for Mr. David and Khun Boonruen, Rawai, Phuket. The scope of works is internal and external painting, fixing leaking problems and so on.
  • July 2017: SBJ awarded contracts for renovation and maintenance work for Mr. Rainer's villa, Phuket. The scope of works is painting, fixing leaking problems, fixing system work problem and lots of work to be done.
  • May 2017: SBJ awarded contracts for renovation villa for Sonia and Kabir, Phuket. It is for adding a new bedroom for them Read More.
  • January 2017: SBJ awarded contracts for renovation and maintenance work for Mary and Hudson's villa, Phuket. This is including adding the new bedroom, painting, fixing the leaking problem and etc Read more.