About Us

S.B.J. Construction Contractor Company Limited (SBJ) was founded by Sombat Khamin in 2011 (the second from your right-hand side in the above picture) and began its first site in 2012. Sombat graduated as an engineer from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. After this, he worked with various construction companies for more than 10 years in Bangkok and its suburbs. He has extensive experience in civil works, office buildings, showrooms, factories, pipelines, petrol terminals, large department stores, public buildings, and housing.

He moved to work in the telecommunication business for 5 years when the economic crisis hit in 1997, at Alan Dick (Thailand) company limited. He was one of the Thai project managers who helped create the Orange network (now True network) for many provinces in the South of Thailand.

Afterward, he returned to the building construction business again in 2004 (the Tsunami year). This time he worked in the construction of high-end villas and so far he is still passionate to do it, as it is the kind of the work that requires dedication, hard work and a blend of engineering and creativity to achieve the best work and best quality for the clients. In particular, it brings great satisfaction at the end when delivering such quality works to happy clients. Prior to SBJ, he worked for many years as Senior Project manager for constructing numerous luxury villas at Cape Yamu, Phuket, Thailand. It was this project and the encouragement of satisfied clients that lead him to establish his own construction company as S.B.J. Construction Contractor Company Limited.

SBJ's first construction job started with these same clients who knew him very well and has lead to an expanded business with many projects in Phuket and the nearby region

  • December 2018: SBJ awarded contracts for renovation private villa at Ao Yon area, Phuket. The scope of the work is to add a new bedroom and outdoor dining, rest area and stair leading to the beach.
  • April 2018: SBJ has been a business partner with Evoheat (www.evoheat.com.au) who is a specialist in heating and cooling solutions of pool, spa, water, and space heat pump. We are developing the market of private villas and hotels.
  • April 2018: SBJ awarded contracts for renovation and maintenance private villa at Chalong, Phuket. The scope of works is making the new bedroom, bathroom and entrance area.
  • January 2018: SBJ awarded contracts for renovation Mr. Harri Bedi at Laguna Home, Chengthalae, Phuket. The client is creating some part of the villa to be modern style.
  • December 2017: SBJ awarded contracts for construct road pavement work and hardscape work from international wake park (IWP), Maikao, Phuket. You can find more information here Read more.
  • October 2017: SBJ awarded contracts for renovation and maintenance work for Mr. David and Khun Boonruen, Rawai, Phuket. The scope of works is internal and external painting, fixing leaking problems and so on.
  • July 2017: SBJ awarded contracts for renovation and maintenance work for Mr. Rainer's villa, Phuket. The scope of works is painting, fixing leaking problems, fixing system work problem and lots of work to be done.
  • May 2017: SBJ awarded contracts for renovation villa for Sonia and Kabir, Phuket. It is for adding a new bedroom for them Read More.
  • January 2017: SBJ awarded contracts for renovation and maintenance work for Mary and Hudson's villa, Phuket. This is including adding the new bedroom, painting, fixing the leaking problem and etc Read more.